PreXion’s corporate brochure “Visual Book” has been released

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This is our company brochure, so we wanted to create it with our own hands.
We wanted to convey the passion of our diligent and audacious employees.
This “Visual Book” is the finished result of our project, an introduction to how we do things here at PreXion.

The company brochures you see in general may give you an overview of the company and its history, but they cannot tell you about the atmosphere of the company or the employees who work there.

However, it is the individual employees who make the company what it is. That being the case, we thought that the best way to introduce our company would be to deliver the voices of our employees.
This Visual Book is a way to visualize the company by putting the thoughts of the employees in writing.

We would be more than happy if those who look at the Visual Book could get to know about the constructive company culture, the support we provide, and the attitude of our product development, and feel closer to PreXion.

For this first attempt, we had the cooperation of AEM&COMPANY Co., LTD.
They proposed a design and structure that would be easy for the reader to understand, while keeping in mind what we wanted to achieve, and the outcome will become one of the pillars of our branding.
For more information about AEM&COMPANY Co., LTD., please click here.