PreXion, a company which values
challenger mindset
and continuous evolution.

In 2007, PreXion presented “PreXion 3D Elite” which offers the world’s fastest data reconstitution time. After that, For further expand in the US market, PreXion started distributing the US exclusive model „Prexion 3D Excelsior“

”PreXion 3D Excelsior“ is highly evaluated in the US market for its superior imaging quality and usability.
PreXion 3D ExPROORER, the PreXion’s CBCT in which all the accumulated technology and know-how in the past 10 years have been put together, was presented in 2019 for its world launch.


Following the successful US market launch, PreXion brought the in Europe.

January 2017

Launched the Prexion3D Excelsior to the US market, the Prexion’s in-house developed CBCT Announced Change in Business Model from Direct Sales to Dealer Network

August 2015

The company's name was changed from XTrillion, Inc to PreXion Corporation

February 2015

Presented the photoacoustic imaging system at BiOS (Biophotonics and Biomedical Optic Conference)

November 2014

Started cooperating with Funai Electric Co., Ltd. In medical devices
Presented the world’s first technology of photoacoustic imaging system using LED

May 2013

Launched PreXion3D Eclipse in the US market

September 2007

A Japanese specialist in cone beam CT technology, Xtrillion was founded
as a spin-off from the cone beam CT technology section of the American company TeraRecon Inc, a leader in advanced medical imaging.