PreXion, a company which values
challenger mindset
and continuous evolution.

After the company’s establishment in 2007, we have promoted the sale of dental diagnostic equipment in the U.S. In 2017, the company started selling in house developed, manufactured, and marketed dental CBCT product, PreXion3D Excelsior, in the U.S.
We have achieved significant sales growth by strengthening our sales network, receiving excellent reputations and feedback from end users for its superior image quality and easy-to-use software, and providing highly satisfactory customer service.
We have started global business expansion with the launch of the PreXion3D EXPLORER series in 2021 and PreXion3D EXPEDITION in 2023,
we will accelerate the expansion of our global business with three global-ready Dental CBCT product lineup.
All our employees have been working together to accurately meet customer needs and provide dental diagnostic CBCT equipment that can be used with peace of mind for many years to come.


Global model with IGZO FPD for further improvement of image quality.
PreXion3D EXPEDITION is launched.


Launched the PreXion3D EXPLORER PRO, a creative and functional all-in-one model with 3D, panoramic and cephalometric.


Launched the PreXion3D EXPLORER as the global expansion model.
Following the U.S. market, proceeded with global expansion, starting with Europe.

January 2017

Launched the Prexion3D Excelsior to the US market, the PreXion’s in-house developed CBCT

August 2015

Changed company name from Xtrillion to PreXion Corporation

February 2015

Presented the photoacoustic imaging system at BiOS (Biophotonics and Biomedical Optic Conference)

November 2014

Started cooperating with Funai Electric Co., Ltd. in medical devices.
Presented the world’s first technology of photoacoustic imaging system using LED.

May 2013

Launched PreXion3D Eclipse in the US market

September 2007

Xtrillion was founded as a spin-off from the cone beam CT technology section of the American company TeraRecon Inc, a leader in advanced medical imaging.