With one of the largest Field of View (FOV) on the market, the PreXion3D EXPLORER can capture images without stitching, and its extensive spatial image analysis enables to provide the best treatment options in a wide range of clinical areas, including oral surgery, maxillofacial surgery and ENT treatment.

Fields of View

With dentists from various fields of expertise as advisors, we have carefully selected FOVs that are commonly used in clinical practice. In addition to the 3D analysis function for image detail sizes of 5x5cm, 10x10cm, 15x10cm and 15x16cm, the device features “True” and “Reconstructed” panoramic modes. With one of the largest FOVs on the market, the PreXion3D EXPLORER helps to develop the best therapy options, particularly in oral and maxillofacial surgery, airway analysis and orthodontics, as well as ear, nose and throat medicine. The use of a large 25.4x31.7cm FPD enables 15x16cm FOV scanning in one rotation.

Fields of Application

The precise and high-resolution display of hard and soft tissue enables outstanding diagnostics and planning across all areas of modern dentistry and maxillofacial surgery. A large high-definition FPD allows all FOVs scanned in a single rotation without using stitching function.

EndoPerioImplantOrthoOralMaxilloENTAirway Analysis
5 x 5 cm
10 x 10 cm
15 x 10 cm
15 x 16 cm
High Resolution; Low Radiation

With many 3D imaging systems on the market today, high-quality images are often accompanied by high radiation exposure. The PreXion3D EXPLORER offers balance of both aspects. The PreXion3D EXPLORER utilizes the industry’s smallest 0.3mm x-ray tube focal spot and voxel sizes from 0.07mm to 0.3mm for all FOV sizes. In addition, by adopting a high X-ray tube voltage of 110kV, pulsed X-ray irradiation, 16bit gray scale, and a newly developed large FPD, it simultaneously achieves high-definition image quality for a wide range of dental clinical practice and low radiation exposure for patient safety.

What is a focal spot?

The focal spot, also called focus, is the area on the target of the X-ray tube which is struck by the electron stream and emits X-rays. The larger the focal spot’s area, the poorer the detail of the image. The PreXion3D EXPLORER utilizes one of the smallest size focal spots in the industry at 0.3mm for all FOVs.

What is a voxel?

A combination of the words “volumetric” and “pixel”, a voxel is a three-dimensional volume element shaped like an isometric cube. The PreXion3D EXPLORER offers powerful imaging software with voxel sizes ranging from 0.07 to 0.3mm in order to maintain image quality.

110kV tube voltage

110kV tube voltage provides optimal image quality in all tissues. It reduces artifacts and provides high definition image quality.

Pulsed irradiation

By irradiating X-rays intermittently instead of continuously, the radiation dose to the patient is greatly reduced. Theoretically, it can reduce the consumption of the X-ray tube.

16bit grayscale

In 3D, up to 16bit (65,536 shades of gray) can be expressed, enabling even higher resolution and smoother image expression.

Expanding in the US and Europe

PreXion3D EXPLORER was launched onto the European market in 2019 and the USA market in 2020.
As a brand that specializes in the development, production, and sales of dental CT, we offer high-definition diagnostic imaging technology that enables reliable diagnosis and treatment planning in the field of dentistry, based on more than 15 years of experience.
The PreXion3D EXPLORER is now available in Japan, after gaining recognition for its value in the United States and Europe. We will continue to support dental practices with a courteous service and maintenance system so that dentists who select PreXion3D EXPLORER will be able to use it comfortably.

Sales RegionsJapan, USA, EU, etc.
Product NamePreXion3D EXPLORER
Type of Device3DCBCT + 2D Panoramic
FOV150 x 156mm, 150 x 100mm,
100 x 100mm, 50 x 50mm
Focal Spot0.3mm x 0.3mm
Tube Voltage90-110kV
Tube Current1-5mA
Voxel Size0.3mm, 0.2mm, 0.1mm, 0.07mm
Patient PositionStanding / Sitting / Wheelchair Accessible
Scanner Weight198kg
ClassificationControlled Medical Devices (class II),
Controlled medical devices requiring special maintenance
Certification Number301ACBZX00015000
Scan Mode
Standard Mode10 seconds
HD Mode18 seconds
UHD Mode20 seconds
Panoramic Standard ModeStandard: 14 seconds,
Narrow: 12 seconds
Panoramic TMJ2 Mode4 x 2 seconds
Panoramic TMJ4 Mode4 x 2 x 2 seconds
Bite Wing Mode4 x 2 seconds