The PreXion3D EXPLORER PRO is the flagship of the PreXion3D CBCT series and is equipped with a large FPD to realize the All-In-One(3D, 2D Panoramic and 2D Cephalometric)dental 3DCBCT with integrated cephalometric.

Fields of View

With dentists from various fields of expertise as advisors, we have carefully selected FOVs that are commonly used in clinical practice. In addition to the 3D analysis function for image detail sizes of 5x5cm, 10x10cm, 15x10cm and 15x16cm, the device features “True” and “Reconstructed” panoramic modes. With one of the largest FOVs on the market, the PreXion3D EXPLORER helps to develop the best therapy options, particularly in oral and maxillofacial surgery, airway analysis and orthodontics, as well as ear, nose and throat medicine. The use of a large 25.4x31.7cm FPD enables 15x16cm FOV scanning in one rotation.

Fields of Application

The precise and high-resolution display of hard and soft tissue enables outstanding diagnostics and planning across all areas of modern dentistry and maxillofacial surgery. A large high-definition FPD allows all FOVs scanned in a single rotation without using stitching function.

EndoPerioImplantOrthoOralMaxilloENTAirway Analysis
5 x 5 cm
10 x 10 cm
15 x 10 cm
15 x 16 cm
Low Dose Mode

The PreXion3D EXPLORER PRO achieves low radiation exposure while pursuing high-definition image quality with minimal voxel size. Rather than reducing image quality in order to achieve low radiation exposure, we have achieved minimal radiation exposure without compromising on maintaining high image quality. In addition, the large high-definition FPD enables scanning in a single rotation without stitching function even with a large FOV, shortening the scanning time and reducing radiation exposure.

FOVPatient SizeVoxel SizeμSv (Exposure)
5 x 5cmMed Adult0.07mm11
10 x 10cm0.1mm41
15 x 10cm0.2mm58
15 x 16cm0.2mm85
Cephalometric Mode

The PreXion3D EXPLORER PRO is the first model of its kind with integrated cephalometric, saving practices up to 70cm (three feet) of space. (Comparison of our cephalometric equipped machine) Utilizing the large flat panel, the PreXion3D EXPLORER PRO delivers a space-saving solution through PreXion’s development of the world’s first gantry-integrated cephalometric x-ray. In just 30 seconds, the gantry automatically shifts 45 degrees and opens by 15cm (6 inches) to enable the capture of a cephalometric radiograph.

User’s Voice
by Dr. Jeffrey Horowitz

Dr. Jeff Horowitz uses all three of PreXion’s CBCTs: EXPLORER PRO, EXPLORER EX, and Excelsior.
In 1992, Dr. Horowitz founded the Carolina Center for Advanced Dentistry, a multi-disciplinary group practice in the Conway/Myrtle Beach, SC area in USA. He is also the founder and clinical director for Advanced Sleep and TMJ Centers. His main interests include cosmetic smile rehabilitation, complex restorative cases, treatment of sleep-disordered breathing, orthodontics and temporomandibular disorders.

Sales RegionsJapan, USA, etc.
Product NamePreXion3D EXPLORER PRO
Type of Device3DCBCT + 2D Panoramic + 2D Cephalometric
FOV150 x 156mm, 150 x 100mm,
100 x 100mm, 50 x 50mm
Focal Spot0.3mm x 0.3mm
Tube Voltage90-110kV
Tube Current1-5.3mA
Voxel Size0.3mm, 0.2mm, 0.1mm, 0.07mm
Patient PositionStanding / Sitting / Wheelchair Accessible
Scanner Weight230kg
ClassificationControlled Medical Devices (class II),
Controlled medical devices requiring special maintenance
Certification Number303ACBZX00006000
Scan Mode
Low Dose Mode10 seconds
HD Mode18 seconds
ENDO Mode20 seconds
Panoramic Standard ModeStandard: 14 seconds,
Narrow: 12 seconds
Panoramic TMJ2 Mode4 x 2 seconds
Cephalometric LA0.16 seconds
Cephalometric PA0.16 seconds
Cephalometric Carpus0.16 seconds