Local subsidiaries

To supply PreXion product globally, PreXion has excellent corporation with its own local subsidiaries. Usage Support and education are accomplished through their strong relationships.

In order to start launching the European Market which is the second largest market of the world, PreXion established its local subsidiary in Frankfurt am Main area.

PreXion Inc.
PreXion Inc.

181 Metro Drive, Suite 190, San Jose, CA 95110, USA


PreXion (Europe) GmbH

Stahlstraße 42-44 65428 Rüsselsheim Germany


U.S.A , EU ,
and the future

PreXion is a Japanese company specializing in Dental Cone Beam CT with more than 15 years of experience which provides outstanding accuracy for the highly reliable diagnostic and treatment in dental practice.
PreXion has its bases in north America and Europe, and present its technology „visualize the invisible“ in the dental CT industry worldwide.