The PreXion3D Excelsior CBCT Scanner is the evolution of our accumulated technology and Know-How. Since its market entry in 2017, Excelsior has been continuously developing through the communication and relationships with dentists.
Through the accumulated innovations in technology, clinical achievements, PreXion has successfully earned customer trust and satisfaction.

Success and Progress in the US
PreXion3D Excelsior

PreXion3D Excelsior is designed for the dental treatment which requires precision and accuracy.
Uses include but are not limited to: from implant placement to periodontics, endodontics, ENT and SAS.
Besides, PreXion3D Excelsior offers a clear and sharp panoramic image as well as excellent Cephalometric images that leads to improved diagnostics.
Compare to the other existing systems, PreXion3D Excelsior provides more precise and accurate evaluation in the bone and its surrounding anatomical structures without having influence of the tissues.

Feature of PreXion3D Excelsior
Sales RegionsUSA
Product NamePreXion3D Excelsior
Type of DeviceCBCT + Panoramic + Cephalometric(Optional)
FOV150 x 130mm, 150 x 80mm, 100 x 80mm, 100 x 50mm, 50 x 50mm
DetectorFPD 16 bits、Cephalometric 14 bits
Focal Spot0.3mm
X-ray Output60-110kV
X-ray Output1-6.0mA
Voxel size0.1mm~0.2mm
Volume size1,024 x 1,024 x 800(PRO/Plus), 512 x 512 x 512(Ex)
Patient PositionStanding/Wheel chair accessible
Weight165kg, 200kg(Cephalometric)
High Speed Scan Capability
Standard Mode9.6 seconds
High Definition Mode (HD)12.8 seconds
Rapid Mode (Lower Dose)5.2 seconds
Panoramic Standard Mode10 seconds
TMJ 2 Mode4 secondsx2
(Cephalometrics) LA mode0.5~0.8 seconds
(Cephalometrics) PA mode0.5~0.8 seconds
PreXion3D Excelsior

PreXion3D Excelsior is available in the US only.